Spanish is the language of almost 400 million people, which makes it the second language of international importance.  By speaking Spanish, you can access a world that will excite you with its music, movies, and culture; in addition, it will be a plus for you at work. Mastering a second language can improve your social, cultural, and professional expectations.  For Kids, Spanish will develop into a tool that will help them communicate with a world to know, and will allow them to identify with new cultures and customs of Latin America.

Aprendo Español is the most complete program to learn Spanish in a professional and entertaining style.  Our courses are designed and taught by professionals with experience and ability in order to lead you and help you master this language in the shortest time possible. Aprendo Español for children as well as for adults has been planned to create an environment that includes meaningful experiences at each level of learning. We have made a partition in progressive modules that makes students speak and write from the first day in class.

Interactive Method to Learn Spanish

Aprendo Español, is an interactive method to teach Spanish used and approved by many institutions. It comprises a series of learning modules aimed to children between 7 and 12 years of age. The material has been created with a child language setting and it provides illustration students are usually related with, such as: school, park, family, friends, games, home, animals, fruits, vegetables etc.

It is provided with the most appropriate designs considering the student’s skills and interests. The system is very functional since students not just depend on the text book but also on the exchange of written and audio exercises, using the teacher’s computer, and smart boards to solve practical workshops; also as part of the method coexistence experiences are generated in the classroom and other environments.

Each module includes a text book content that present a progressive order that results in the immersion of students in the language, from the first day in class. The book is divided into chapters and each one of them covers activities, exercises and evaluations, both written and oral. To every language instructor that uses this material, we describe the resources that go together with each text book and the permanent support in the development of his work.

Learning Resourses

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Written and Audio exercises interactive CD.
  •  Activities and content development
  • Guide Children songs CD.